Hope Thailand

Dedicated to bringing hope and care to the orphaned, underprivileged and destitute refugee children of Thailand.


Who we are

We are a faith-based, non-denominational, not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing hope to the hopeless in Thailand.

All members of the leadership team are volunteers. 100% of your donation to Hope Thailand goes directly to providing care for the needy.

Hope Thailand was envisioned in 2009 (formerly known as S.E.A. (South East Asia) Ministry) by an overwhelming need to provide shelter and care to the displaced Hill Tribe children and refugees along the Thai/Burma border.

Our vision was, and continues to be, to provide a safe and loving home-like setting for these children. This vision, in cooperation with both missionaries and local church leaders, has resulted in the establishment of 2 homes, the Bethel Home and the Wang Pa Home, as well as 4 schools for refugee children: Tong Luang Church School, Emmanuel Church School, Morning Glory 1 and Morning Glory 2.

Each home, of up to 40 children of various ages, is led by dedicated, Christian house parents. Funding by individuals and churches in North America ensures the children are well cared for both physically and spiritually. The children go to school, receive health and dental care, shelter, clothing, food and a sense of family and belonging within a Christian environment.

In addition to providing a safe place for refugee children, the organization regularly visits the Mae Sot trash dump refugee camp along the Myanmar border (formerly Burma) to provide medicine, clean water and food.

Why thailand

A brutal civil war in Burma (now Myanmar) drove many Burmese citizens to seek refuge along the Burma/Thailand border. When the first refugees arrived in 1984, no one could have imagined that they would still be there over 30 years later without any hope of leaving the refugee camps and/or garbage dump villages dotted along the border.

Many children have grown up and are raising their own families in these terrible conditions without hope.

The majority of refugees in the camps are from the Karen tribes who have fled armed conflicts and/or horrendous human rights abuse and persecution by the Burmese military. Their villages were burned to the ground, villagers were tortured, women raped and children orphaned and abused.

In 1995, after the DKBA (Democratic Karen Buddhist Army) attacks, the village-type settlements were merged into large sprawling camps that become increasingly dependent on outside aid as residents became more and more restricted on space and freedom of movement.

Refugees who break their rules of confinement are often detained, deported or even killed. The continued conflict has resulted in a large number of orphaned, displaced and/or abandoned children. These children are at high risk of being exploited by human traffickers, abused, homeless and malnourished. Hope Thailand is committed to providing hope to these children through a network of home environments led by Christian house parents and supported by donations from people like you.

The Current Situation

Refugee School Projects

In and around the city of Mae Sot, Thailand, along the Myanmar border, Hope Thailand has established 4 schools, educating over 800 refugee students who would otherwise have no access to schooling. Many of them live in makeshift villages where their parents go out to work in large farm fields leaving the children at home alone.

Reports of these children being abused and raped while their parents were away at work revealed the urgent need for the safe occupation of the children during the day. The establishment of these schools not only provides education, but also allows the children to be in a safe place during the day while parents are away working.

Areas of need

Children’s Homes

Funding is urgently needed to support 32 refugee orphans in order to provide them with food, clothing and a school uniform.

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Refugee Care

Every month our team drives six hours to the city of Mae Sot, located at the Thai-Myanmar border. There they distribute food and basic medical supplies to displaced children and adults.

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The Hope Factory

The Hope Thailand team, led by Dean Wood, is busy exploring a variety of business opportunities. Some opportunities are micro businesses that would help offset costs at the children homes.

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Schools for Refugee Children

This is our most urgent need at present. Our schools provide education and safety for refugee children who would otherwise be left vulnerable and without hope.

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Frontier Evangelism

Pastor Simon Thaung and his team make difficult journeys to remote hill tribe areas to provide dental care for many and share the Christian Gospel to those who have never heard.

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You can make a difference

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to the lives of these children. Thank you.

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