The gift of time

Typically, the children in our homes come from families that are so poor they cannot raise them or simply are not interested in them. Doug and Lori Schinkel have developed close bonds with the children in our homes, visiting every year for the past 10 years. The visits have typically lasted up to 3 months, providing them with the opportunity to spend quality time with the children and to see these children grow up healthy and happy.

This is accomplished through helping with English homework, teaching crafts, playing games together, celebrating birthdays, checking for decay and cleaning their teeth (Lori is a dental hygienist), teaching them good dental hygiene and encouraging them.

On a recent visit one of the teenage girls was treated to a special outing and the gift of a watch for her birthday. This simple demonstration of love brought her to tears because she had never received a gift from her parents.

The fact that Doug, Lori, and others return year-after-year provides a sense of family and security for these children that is so important. It is a very real demonstration of God’s love for them through Doug, Lori, and others.



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