This is our most urgent need at present. Our schools provide education and safety for refugee children who would otherwise be left vulnerable and without hope.

Morning Glory 1

  • 317 students (25 children live at the school)
  • Employs 17 teachers
  • Present need: $600/month

Morning Glory 2

Students attending this school live on a literal trash dump, where very few adults are permitted to work outside of the dump. It is a horrendous situation, but the school offers hope to the children. We would like to hire a full time pastor to minister to the needs of these people.

  • 270 students – the only source of income for most is collecting recyclable trash and selling it, making less than $4/day
  • Employs 11 teachers
  • 2 drivers
  • 2 cooks
  • Present need: $4500/month

Tong Luang Church School

Students attending this school were abused/raped while parents were away working.

  • 107 students
  • Employs 7 teachers
  • Uses gas generator – funds required for gas
  • Present need is $900/month

Emmanuel Church School

  • 105 students
  • Employs 5 teachers, including 1 pastor
  • Present need: $600/month