Every month Tutu, Mike and their team drive 6 hours to the town of Mae Sot, located at the Thai-Myanmar border. There they distribute food and occasional basic medical supplies to 5 different locations where displaced children and adults reside.

With the help of organizations such as International Disaster Emergency Services (I.D.E.S.) thousands of dollars have been used to purchase sacks of rice, cooking oil, canned fish and other food commodities that have been distributed over the past few years. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts to provide food and supplies.

Mercy Learning Centre – Faces Closure

Hope Thailand has also established Mercy Learning Center, a school to provide education for its children, many who live in Mae Sot. Funding is running out and the school is facing closure.

Total funding required for teachers, school lunches and uniforms is $2,500 CAD/month.

Consider helping with a donation.

Morning Glory School. Mae Sot, Thailand

Morning glory school has 400 students and 17 teachers. It is located in Mae Sot Thailand, a city on the Thai, Myanmar border. All these kids are Burmese refugees whose parents are very poor, working as farmers. They are paid very little because of their refugee status. $2500 CAD per month is required to pay salaries…

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The gift of time

Typically, the children in our homes come from families that are so poor they cannot raise them or simply are not interested in them. Doug and Lori Schinkel have developed close bonds with the children in our homes, visiting every year for the past 10 years. The visits have typically lasted up to 3 months,…

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Our June 2017 School Mission Trip

Tutu and Dan recently visited three schools in the Mae Sot area of Thailand: Grace Learning Center, Immanuel Church School and Bethel Orphan Home Church. Education is one of Hope Thailand’s main priorities in this area. Each school has its individual needs, however there is a particular urgent need for more funding for Grace Learning…

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Our 2017 Medical Mission Trip

Hope Thailand made a visit to Mae Sot from January 15-17, 2017 with a medical team of 18 people, including 2 doctors from Toronto, Canada, 4 Thai pharmacists, 3 Thai/Burmese translators, 3 pastors (2 Thai and 1 from Kitchener, Canada) and 6 helpers. The team visited 4 different locations where displaced Burmese refugees are living,…

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