This is our most urgent need.  Thai social welfare has threatened to close down Peace Children’s Home if we do not immediately improve the current facility to meet their building and housing standards.

In response, we have undertaken an initiative that will offer up to 40 children, their house parents, staff and guests with a safe and modern home consisting of:

  • Four bright and comfortable dormitories for up to 40 children
  • House parent accommodations
  • Staff accommodations
  • Guest accommodations – for visiting workers from Church groups
  • A modern kitchen capable of feeding up to 60 people
  • Laundry Facilities – 40 children create a lot of laundry
  • An enclosed courtyard – so the children can play without concern of abduction or other dangers.

The estimated cost is $420,800 CAD.

You are welcome to fund an item or contribute to the larger project.  100% of all donations directed to this building fund be applied to this project and a tax receipt will be issued.

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Hydroponic Farming – investigating the possibilities

Stefan Venne, a specialist in irrigation and water management, recently joined Doug Schinkel for a two week discovery trip to Thailand. Their purpose was to investigate the potential of growing food hydroponically for the children’s homes, and as a product to sell in local markets. While further research needs to be conducted, Stefan returned to…

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