Dan Abourmad

Visionary & Advisor, Assistant Director

Dan first visited Thailand in October 2008, when his friend Glenn Kelly invited him to visit orphan homes in both Cambodia and Thailand. This experience changed his life forever and he was moved by how the orphan children he met on this trip showered him with love and compassion. Since then his life has become devoted to helping these children.

Dan was raised Jewish, however this trip led him to become more interested in Christianity and from that day forward he took part in Bible studies with Karl (a Jewish evangelist) via Skype. When he returned to Thailand, he was baptized by Pastor Mike and the baptism was witnessed by five orphans, which was very special!

Mike Flinchum

Pastor, Interpreter, Teacher, Advisor

With a BA in Christian Ministries, Mike has pastored several churches in the USA. In 1986 he took a teaching position at the Chiang Mai Bible Institute in Thailand. During has 10 years at the institute he met Tutu and caught her vision for the orphaned and displaced children of Thailand.

While Mike has been busy pastoring churches, teaching and translating Christian doctrine books into Thai, he has also been actively involved in teaching and mentoring the house parents and children under Hope Thailand’s care as well as other the refugees along the Thai/Burma border.

Dean Wood

Executive Director

Dean was introduced to Tutu and Grace & Mercy Foundation when Tutu visited his home church, Living Hope Alliance Church, in Georgetown, Ontario. The plight of these children, the need for more care and the opportunity to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the hopeless captured his heart and soul.

A successful entrepreneur and business leader, Dean has been able to make multiple visits to Thailand, visiting the homes, supporting the ministry and taking a strong leadership role. In 2016, Dean took on the responsibility of director. In this role he was instrumental in changing the name to Hope Thailand to better reflect the current vision and mission.

He has also been active in fundraising as well as investigating business opportunities in Thailand that would allow this ministry to be self-funded and self-sufficient.

Doug & Lori Schinkel

Dental Care, Interpreters, English & Music Teachers

Doug and Lori have been visiting Thailand to help Tutu for over 10 years.  Taking an annual leave from their careers, they dedicated three months a year to provide dental care to children’s homes operated by Asia’s Hope – a network of over 12 children’s homes in Thailand.  While Lori cleaned teeth and assessed the children’s dental needs, Doug was busy learning Thai so he could better minister to these homes and their house-parents and children.  Doug regularly organizes impromptu soccer and hockey games for the kids and he and Lori continue to work with Canadian churches to collect school supplies, cots, bedding, medicine and, of course, sports equipment to bring to Thailand during their annual visits.

In 2016, they decided to become actively involved to the Hope Thailand ministry, working closely with Tutu and Dean to enhance and expand the ministry to displaced children and refugees.