Peace Children’s Home

Funding is urgently needed to support 17 of the 24 children at Peace Children’s Home.  $140 per month provides a child with food, clothing and a school uniform.  A portion of the donation contributes to the support of the house parents, utilities and home maintenance.

Sunshine Home

You can support a child at the Sunshine Home for $120 per month.

Help us build a College & University Fund

  • University Tuition approximately $5,330 per year
  • College Tuition approximately $1,600 per year
  • Food Allowance $80 per month
  • Rent Allowance $80 per month
  • Supplies $150 per year
  • Transportation $2,000 for motorcycle

Peace Home Teaching Mission 2018

Doug is heading to Chiang Mai in October, 2018 along with two volunteers who are generously donating their time to help teach the children at Peace Children’s Home how to speak English, and other valuable life skills. They’ll be bringing creative teaching supplies and picking up essential items to support the kids once they arrive…

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